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Our Privacy Policy

Let's face it, although spam is occasionally worthwhile, it is mostly a nuisance. For that reason, we respect your right to privacy and will not sell or give away your name or e-address to another company, organization, or individual. Our goal is to sell products such as the Magnehance™, and have satisfied customers who will share their opinion with others. You should, then, not worry about giving us your name or e-address.

We may infrequently send you an e-mail, regarding new products, sales, etc., but only if you ask us to. Our mailings will be nothing like spam.

Some web sites use cookies, which may be written to your computer's hard drive. We don't use that type of cookie; rather, we use non-persistent (session) cookies that are not written to your computer's hard drive, are stored only in memory, and disappear when you close your browser. Non-persistent cookies serve technical purposes, like allowing navigation through a web site or holding shopping cart information, but do not allow us to track your visits. This is part of our respect for your privacy.



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