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Our company neither diagnoses nor prescribes, and our products are sold neither as medical devices nor to cure disease. Magnetic therapy is not intended to replace any instructions or prescriptions by your physician, and you should get the approval of your physician before beginning any therapy or using magnetic therapy products.

You should not use magnetic products if you are wearing a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump, or any other electro-medical device, or if you are pregnant, suffering fertility problems, or have allergic reactions to metals. Keep magnets away from computer disks, computer tapes, computer monitors, videotapes, audio cassettes, credit cards, and any other magnetic media. It may be best to avoid metal detectors (e.g., at airports) when wearing magnetic therapy products (as of yet, this is untested).

Some modern magnets are magnetically strong yet relatively mechanically weak. There are, then, potential dangers in handling magnets. Injury to a person or damage to magnets is possible if magnets are allowed to snap towards each other, or if nearby metal objects are allowed to be attracted to the magnets. Do not put the Magnehance or any magnet inside your mouth, or anybody's mouth. Neodymium iron boron magnets are susceptible to corrosion, so you should keep your Magnehance dry. Store magnets in closed containers, away from power lines and other carriers or sources of electricity. If several magnets are stored together, they should be stored in attracting positions. The Magnehance magnetic material is 8 ppi (poles per inch) and has a strength of 3.5 MGOe (Megagauss Oersteds).

Some of the links in these web pages will let you leave our web site. These linked web sites are not under the control of our company, and so we are not responsible for the contents of any linked web site, nor any link contained in a linked web site, nor any changes or updates to such web sites. We are not responsible for any form of transmission received from any linked web site. We are providing these links to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not necessarily imply endorsement of the web site by our company.

You are invited to write us through our Contact Us page. Thank you.



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