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Welcome to our site. We specialize in magnetic products that are designed to enhance sexual experiences. Such enhancement may be used in non-therapeutic contexts (pure enhancement) or therapeutic contexts (e.g., erectile dysfunction [ED]).

Male ED occurs for many reasons; ultimately, though, the problem involves inadequate blood flow to, or retention in, a penis. Research has shown that magnetic therapy can increase blood flow to a treated body area, and, because erections are dependent on blood flow, we are happy to offer the Magnehance™ for males, to address both non-therapeutic and therapeutic needs. Whether it's therapy or not, a better sex life may be just around the corner.

The Magnehance™ is a specially designed, patent-pending device, that consists of a super-flexible, neodymium iron boron magnet and an accompanying fabric pouch. Place the magnet inside the pouch, and it can be worn, comfortably, attached to one's lower undergarment with the accompanying double-coated adhesive tape.

Here, at our web site, we invite you to read more about ED, and learn about the Magnehance™. Of course, you are also invited to purchase any of our products for yourself and for others. Thank you for visiting.

Recent ED and
Magnetic Research

*Impulse magnetic-field therapy for erectile dysfunction: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study
*Randomised controlled trial of magnetic bracelets for relieving pain in osteoarthritis of the hip and knee
*Erectile dysfunction as a sentinel symptom of cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy in heavy drinkers
*Oral drug therapy for erectile dysfunction: overview and aeromedical implications
*Electrocavernosogram in erectile dysfunction: a diagnostic tool
*Erectile dysfunction in chronic renal failure patients undergoing hemodialysis in Egypt







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